Available: May, September & October

from: €2070

Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons

8 days / 7 nights


  • Zagreb - capital of Croatia
  • Plitivice lakes and waterfalls National Park (UNESCO)
  • Hiking in the Northern Velebit National Park
  • Hiking in Paklenica National Park
  • Town Zadar with unique sea organs
  • Waterfalls Krka national park
  • Split - Dioclesian Palace (UNESCO)
  • Hiking four Croatia’s national parks and the famous Via Dinarica in one trip is a wish come true for most hikers

    Starting from Zagreb, a vivid capital town to Plitvice lakes, an oasis of serenity from cascading waterfalls and stunning lakes, you are hiking along the beaten tracks to Velebit and Paklenica. The opposite to secluded mountains are amazing architectural centers of Zadar and Split with its stunning promenades and historical sites. Dining in a local restaurant complemented with an excellent café by the sea gives you just the perfect vacation blend
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    From: €2070

    Available: May, September & October


    Northern Croatia with its Adriatic Coast, offers one of the most undiscovered and scenically dramatic walking landscapes in Europe. The country’s Northern coastline, with its relaxed Mediterranean ambience, offers an area rich in stunningly beautiful medieval towns, and villages, fantastic food, lush national parks, cascading waterfalls and sunshine! This spectacular walking holiday explores the very best of the Northern Adriatic Coast and its areas of outstanding natural beauty, including the national parks of Plitvice and Krka with their superb lakes, spectacular waterfalls and rich fauna.

    We start in the colorful capital Zagreb, with its busy market square, old quarter and stunning cathedral before exploring UNESCO Plitvice National Park with its cascading waterfalls and wooden walkways. As we head to the coast, we’ll walk in the spectacular and undiscovered Velebit Mountains before heading to Paklenice National Park, a wild landscape of deep canyons and rugged mountains overlooking the islands of Pag, Rab and Kornati National Park, the second largest archipelago in the Mediterranean.

    After the splendour of the mountains we arrive on the stunning Adriatic Coast, with time to soak up the beauty of Krupa Canyon, before enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and beautiful architecture in Zadar and UNESCO Split, two of the Mediterranean’s most welcoming towns with their busy harbours, laid-back pavement cafes, elegant promenades and excellent local restaurants. This Croatian walking holiday offers a chance to experience a totally different side to one of Europe’s most spectacular destinations!



    START/FINISH: Zagreb, Plitvička jezera, Velebit, Zadar, Split
    DISTANCE: 56 km / 35 miles
    DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights
    FROM: €2070

    Single room is available at request with supplement of 250 EUR per person.
    Private transfers and extra nights also avaliable at request and with supplement.

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    If you’re considering bringing your group to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina or Montenegro trust FIORE TOURS to organize and deliver your custom travel experience. Our comprehensive group services include:

    All components for an integrated tourism experience. These include professional driver and licensed guides, transportation (car, minivan, 15 passenger minibus or coach), accommodation (hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, private accommodation, even camping), meals (from picnics to fine dining) and activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting).

    Innovative itinerary development. We work with our clients to develop itineraries that respond to their customer’s psycho-graphics and exertion and comfort levels. Feel free to ask us for examples of popular itineraries or ones that are more “off the beaten path.”

    Outstanding customer service. Our success is largely due to our guides who place the customer first. As a “hands on” tourism business, our guides also work in the office, help set policy and basically keep the rest of us honest. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and keep a 24 hour emergency line open.

    Value for money. The quality of our product and its cost represent some of best value for money spent. Our local knowledge, innovative ideas, access to a wide variety of unique properties and direct service delivery contribute to competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.


    Tourism is the world’s fastest growing industry. Traveling to far flung places gives us a wonderful opportunity to experience cultures that are so different from our own. But with the wondrous joy of travel comes the responsibility of ensuring that we do not adversely affect those countries that we visit. In a nutshell, Responsible Travel is about ensuring that you, as travelers, and Fiore Adventure, as a promoter of travel:

    • respect the local culture
    • do not inadvertently introduce new social ills and
    • promote & practice environmental responsibility in the places that we visit

    That way, you enjoy a unique and memorable experience as well as authentic cross-cultural exchange and our local resources, cultures and customs are protected.

    It has always been at the heart of Fiore Adventure’ ethos to not exploit local communities’ culture and environment.

    We ensure our tours are:

    • low impact on natural resources
    • respectful and observant of local customs and
    • supportive of local economies

    All staff of Fiore Adventure are locally employed and all our guides are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We also involve local communities in remote areas that we travel to.

    Our environmental policy:

    • We recycle all our waste paper
    • Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper used for our activities
    • We use established, locally-owned and run accommodation wherever possible and aim to leave sites in better condition than we find them.
    • Our vehicle fleet is managed to minimise environmental impact.
    • Our group sizes are small, helping minimise cultural and environmental impact.
    • We monitor our impact, and where necessary alter our programmes accordingly.
    • We always abide by site-specific guidelines pertaining to flora and fauna.

    Social policy:

    • All staff of Fiore Adventure are locally employed and all our guides are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We also involve local communities in remote areas that we travel to.
    • Our accommodation is mostly provided in small hotels, guest houses or apartments.
      On all our tours we use local produce and provide local-style meals, and we encourage our guests to try local dishes and delicacies
    • We support local economy and small business by supporting locally owned shops, restaurants, and using local guide services.
      Using local employees, accommodation providers, local restaurants and transportation services, Fiore Adventure ensures that financial benefits remain in the local community.

    What you can do:

    • Learn something about Croatia: culture, religion, geography, politics and local customs.I strongly recommend to get a good travel guide such as Lonely Planet guides or Croatian Tourism Board. They are very useful before and during your staying.
    • Try to speak at least a few words of Croatian, you will make a big impression by doing it and it’s also a show of respect and interest on your part.
    • In many places fresh water is a very precious commodity and should not be wasted, so use a minimum for showering and washing, especially when you are on islands, tap water is drinkable throughout Croatia
    • Turn out the lights or air condition when you leave your room, use the public transport as much as you can, minimize your waste generally
    • Pick up your litter, never live any trace in nature, when you are in rural areas please stay to the trails and don’t damage or take any plants or flowers


    Fiore tours & adventure operates a fleet of different vehicles from cars, minivans and minibuses. Each van is equipped stereo radio/ CD sound systems with microphone, cloth/velour upholstered seats, carpeted interior and air conditioning. The vans are regularly serviced and continuously checked by a well established network of maintenance and service facilities throughout the country. This adds up to the best preventative maintenance program, but technical problems are not always avoidable.

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    We cater to clients from all around the world and in doing so understand their basic needs and requirements. Whether you are on a business trip or on a holiday, we can assist you move in and around Croatia.

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    Preparing for your trip!!!! So you have booked! Please take the time to read the following information; it will help you prepare for the trip of a lifetime. The information provided here is a guideline and should be used as such, if you need further information please feel free to contact us – one of our staff will be happy to help you.

    Travel documents

    Passport valid for at least three months beyond length of stay is required for those nationals that need a visa. Those not requiring a visa need a valid passport and must leave the country before the passport has expired.If you don’t have a passport, apply for one in good time. If you do have a passport, check the expiry date.

    Citizens of Australia, Canada, the EU, New Zealand, and the US do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Visas cost US$26 (single-entry), US$33 (double-entry), and US$52 (multiple-entry). Apply for a visa at your nearest Croatian embassy or consulate at least one month before planned arrival.

    Travel Insurance
    A requirement for all overland travel is that you have valid insurance cover for the duration of our tour. It must cover you against personal accident, medical, cancellation, curtailment and repatriation expenses , you should also make sure you are covered for hiking and other expedition activities or optional excursions that you intend to do. You should purchase your travel insurance policy at the same time as you book your tour.Please remember to bring your policy with you.

    Regional Information
    Read more about Croatia….

    Packing list – adventure travel
    One word: versatility. Your destination and the duration of time you’re traveling generally dictates what—and how much—to bring along. But whether you’re living out of your bag for two weeks or four months, pack clothes that can do double duty, ones that are functional enough for the trail but sharp enough not to stand out in a city. Sun hats can become rain hats, backpacks with detachable daypacks free your hands when lugging your gear from bus stop to hotel, and a good pair of travel pants with a concealed zipper pocket could stand in for a money belt.

    When it comes to clothing, stay away from cotton (or at least aim for poly/cotton blends; it may be comfortable, but it takes forever to dry), and try for wrinkle-free clothes. Pack one nice outfit for that must-have dinner in a Parisian café, and always have pants or a skirt that’s long enough to cover your legs should you be traveling in a country where custom dictates a degree of modesty. In warmer climes, you’ll naturally be packing lighter. In cooler locales, layering will stretch your wardrobe. Another piece of advice: darker colors generally blend in anywhere, let you mix and match without becoming a fashion accident, and save the hassle of constant washing. And if you’re heading someplace with inexpensive markets and shopping (Southeast Asia, for example), you can always buy a few new items when the need or desire strikes.

    In the brave new world of bags, you can get a rolling bag/backpack hybrid that gives you the versatility, and the newer generation of rollers come with wheels that swallow up Central European cobblestone as much as NYC asphalt. But if you’re uncertain, let your interest be your guide. Trekking in Annapurna? Go with a traditional backpack. Crawling the pavement of South America’s metropolises? A rolling bag will save your back and serve you well.

    Travel Items
    • passport + photocopy of front page of passport
    • airline tickets
    • travel insurance
    • wallet (cash, credit cards, traveler’s cheque, ID Card)
    • money belt
    • medications
    • list of contact addresses and telephone numbers
    • backpack
    • daypack
    • multi-tool or pocket knife
    • headlamp
    • camera, memory card/film, charger/extra camera batteries
    • ziploc plastic bags
    • travel alarm clock / calculator
    • small umbrella
    • reading material
    • International electric adapters

    • 2 to 3 synthetic/wicking polo shirts or t-shirts or 1 to 2 short-sleeve blouses, gauzy material
    • fleece jacket or vest
    • rainjacket (gore tex or similar)
    • convertible nylon pants or a few skirts
    • underwear and socks
    • clothing and shoes for downtime and restaurants
    • lightweight sarong
    • sun/rain hat
    • mid thigh-length shorts
    • swimmsuit
    • sleepwear
    • sunglasses

    • waterproof sandals (or flip-flops for public showers)
    • trail-running or hiking shoes
    • “dress up” shoes (or buy them in-country)
    • hiking socks
    Toiletry Kit
    • super-absorbent camp towel
    • dramamine, or other motion sickness tablets
    • anti-diarrhea medicine
    • anti-bacterial cream
    • insect repellent
    • sunscreen and lip ointment
    • handi Wipes
    • feminine products
    • shaving accessories

    Repair Kit
    • safety pins (keep straps together, etc.)
    • clothespins (keep curtains closed and hang clothing to dry)
    • mini sewing kit

    Packing list – Cycling Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • bicycling shoes or stiff-soled sneakers
    • bicycling shorts
    • short-fingered bicycling gloves
    • brightly colored cycling jerseys or synthetic T-shirts
    • lightweight jacket or vest
    • breathable windproof and waterproof rain jacket
    Optional Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • arm and knee/leg warmers
    • headband that covers ears (worn under helmet)
    • synthetic mid-weight socks
    • toe covers or booties (worn over clip-in bike shoes)
    • bicycling tights
    • windproof outer gloves (worn over biking gloves)
    • lightweight but warm cycling cap that fits under helmet (skullcap)
    • hydration backpack
    • personal biking gear and helmet

    Packing list – Walking/Hiking Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Walking/Hiking Clothing & Gear
    • waterproof hiking boots/shoes
    • walking/hiking shorts
    • long-fingered, waterproof gloves
    • lightweight windproof jacket/vest or warm sweater
    • synthetic walking/hiking pants
    • synthetic T-shirts
    • walking sticks optional

    Packing list – Sea Kayak Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Sea Kayaking Clothing & Gear
    • water bottles/hydration pack
    • dry bags
    • synthetic T-shirts
    • waterproof sandals
    • swim suit and spare
    • towel
    • hat: baseball or wide-brim
    • polypro long-sleeve top
    • suncream & lipsalve
    • gloves

    Packing list – Multi-Sport Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • bicycling shoes or stiff-soled sneakers
    • bicycling shorts
    • short-fingered bicycling gloves
    • brightly colored cycling jerseys or synthetic T-shirts
    • lightweight jacket or vest
    • breathable windproof and waterproof rain jacket
    Optional Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • arm and knee/leg warmers
    • headband that covers ears (worn under helmet)
    • synthetic mid-weight socks
    • toe covers or booties (worn over clip-in bike shoes)
    • bicycling tights
    • windproof outer gloves (worn over biking gloves)
    • lightweight but warm cycling cap that fits under helmet (skullcap)
    • hydration backpack
    • personal biking gear and helmet

    Sea Kayaking Clothing & Gear
    • water bottles/hydration pack
    • dry bags
    • synthetic T-shirts
    • waterproof sandals
    • swim suit and spare
    • towel
    • hat: baseball or wide-brim
    • polypro long-sleeve top
    • suncream & lipsalve
    • gloves

    Notice On Filing Customer's Complaints

    Pursuant to Article 8 Paragraph 2 of the Law on Consumer Protection (Narodne Novine Official Gazette No. 97/07 and 125/07 – corr. 79/09 and 89/09 – corr., 133/09), we inform our clients that complaints regarding the quality of our services can be submitted in writing to:
    Fiore d.o.o., travel agency, Mate Vlašića 6, 52440 Poreč, Croatia or sending to following E-mail address: adventure@fiore.hr

    You will receive a response to your complaint in writing within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. Required information: name and surname of the person filing the complaint, the exact address for submission of responses.

    Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons


    Price per person in EUR sharing a double/twin room
    18.05.- 25.05.2024. – 2070 EUR
    07.09.- 14.09.2024. – 2195 EUR
    10.10.- 17.10.2024. – 2070 EUR
    Single room supplement – 300 EUR per person.

    Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons


    Arrival in Zagreb airport and group transfer to our hotel in Zagreb. After brief orientation meeting with our guide and start our adventure with walking tour of Zagreb old town followed by a dinner together.
    As the polit­ical, economic and cultural capital of Croatia with 770,000 inhabitants, the city throbs with energy but has retained a good deal of old-world graciousness. Austro-Hungarian buildings in the centre house elegant restaurants and fashionable boutiques. The Lotrscak Tower was built in the middle of the 13th century in order to protect the southern city gate. For the last hundred years a cannon has been fired every day at noon commemorating an event from Zagreb’s history. The tower may be climbed for a sweeping 360-degree view of the city. Near the tower is a funicular railway, which was constructed in 1888, and connects the Lower and Upper Towns. Maksimir Park is a peaceful wooded enclave covering 18 hectares opened to the public in 1794. It is the oldest public cultivated park in Europe with alleys, lawns and artificial lakes. We visit the Zagreb Cathedral, whose twin spires soar over the city. The sacristy still contains a cycle of frescoes that date from the second half of the 13th century. The side altar features a triptych by Albrecht Dürer. Our walk through the old town takes us to colourful St. Mark’s Church, with its unique tiled roof constructed in 1880. The tiles on the left side depict the medieval coat of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia, while the emblem of Zagreb is on the right side. Dinner on your own. Overnight at the hotel in Zagreb.
    Accommodation: Hotel Jadran 3*, Zagreb or similar
    Meals: welcome dinner
    Walking/hiking: orientational walk in Zagreb
    Transfer: single time group transfer from Zagreb airport to hotel in Zagreb, approx 30 minutes drive

    This morning we drive through the highlands of Croatia to one of the most magnificent natural sites in Europe, the Plitvice Lakes. Here sixteen lakes cascade from one to another in a series of waterfalls. Surrounded by dense woods, the region is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. We wander the paths and wooden boardwalks which follow the succession of lakes and waterfalls where streams burst out of the rocks. Overnight at the hotel in Plitvice area.
    Accommodation: B&B Villa Angy 4*, korenica (Plitvice area) or similar
    Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner
    Walking/hiking: around 4-5 hours hiking in NP Plitvice, 11km, ascent 250, descent -250m
    Transfer: from Zagreb to Plitvice lakes aprox 2 hours drive

    Travel by vehicle from Plitvice to the Zavizan mountain refuge high in the Velebit Mountains. Near the refuge is a small botanical garden (botanički vrt) where you can observe a number of indigenous and endemic plant species before setting off on a hike along the scenic and superbly engineered Premužić Trail (Premužićeva staza). You’ll be hiking through the core of Croatia’s North Velebit National Park (Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit) on your way to the Alan mountain refuge where today’s hike ends. The trail winds through the limestone high country of the Velebit Mountains full of domed peaks, craggy pinnacles, and sinkholes—all characteristic features of karstic landscapes. Drive to Licko Lesce for an overnight.
    Accommodation: Hotel Gacka 3* in Ličko Lešće or similar
    Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner
    Walking/hiking: 6 hours, 15km, ascent 430m, descent -580m
    Transfer: from Plitvice lakes ot Zavižan aprox 2,5 hours drive and from Velebit to Licko Lesce aprox 1 hour drive

    After breakfast 1,5 hour drive to Starigrad-Paklenica. Our luggage will be stored in the hotel since we take a 1hour transfer to the high grassy plateau of Veliki Rujno. At a height of 900m, lies the small church of Our Lady of Rujno built in the past for local inhabitants who lived from cattle breeding, and spent most of the year in mountain hamlets taking their cattle out to graze. Over time, the church became too small and in 1930, due to the dedication of a local priest and enthusiastic mountaineer Don Ante Adžija, a new church was built using masonry from the old church. An annual procession held in August, sees hundreds of pilgrims make their way up the mountain to the chapel for mass. From here we start a hike to the Ramići where we overnight in a simple rural house in the hamlet of Ramici. Despite the lack of facilities and dormitory rooms, we are guaranteed a warm welcome and delicious home cooked dinner.
    REMARK: clients will store their luggage at the hotel or in the vehicle and will carry just a backpack with toiletries and some spare clothes. Bed linen will be provided at the mountain hut.
    Accommodation: overnight in rural house in Ramici village in dormitory room with common shower/WC
    Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner
    Walking/hiking:3-4 hours, 5,7km, ascent 258m, descent -585m
    Transfer: 2 hours transfer from Licko Lesce to Starigrad, 50 minutes transfer on mountain road

    Inhabited since prehistoric times, the dramatic landscape of the Paklenica National Park gained national park status in 1949, due to its unique natural features and magnificent forests. A dramatic mountain range that appears to fall directly into the sea will be our host along its high trails for the next two days. We’ll enjoy spectacular views across to the lunar landscape of the islands of Rab, Pag and the Kornati National Park. We start our walk through the canyon of Velika Paklenica, surrounded by huge walls and the remains of old water mills. These ancient buildings, built in the 19th century and still in use up until the 1960s, are well preserved cultural monuments and maintained by the national park authorities. We return to the coastal town of Starigrad-Paklenica. The rest of the afternoon is free to enjoy a walk along the sea or just relax with a drink in one of the many pavement cafes or local bars.
    Accommodation: Hotel Vicko 3*,Starigrad-Paklenica or similar
    Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch
    Walking/hiking:4-5 hours, 8,5km, ascent 235m, descent -703m
    Transfer: local transfer to the hotel

    One of Croatia’s prettiest rivers is probably exactly tiny Krupa. Located just under the steep slopes of Velebit, this beautiful river stretches from the lovely spring all the way through a deep canyon where it meets Zrmanja – another beautiful karst river. Arriving to Golubic village we visit a local sheep and goat farm. After tasting local cheese and drinks we take a short walk down the hill to Kudin most – or The Bridge of Kuda – is one of the nicest places in the hinterland of Zadar. Actually, the place is call Deveterci for the 9 small cascades that make the place so magical. Kudin bridge has been built at the turn of the 18th to 19th century. Legend says that a young guy called Kuda wanted to be closer to his loved one at the other bank of the river. So he built the bridge from 12 arches out of travertine blocks, and just as many pillars. The last two arches are now damaged but Kudin bridge still stands despite time and high waters in the winter.
    Drive to Zadar, the ancient capital of Dalmatia. The marble, traffic-free streets follow the old Roman street plan and still contain some Roman ruins and several medieval churches. Massive 16th-century fortifications still shield the city on the landward side, with high walls running along the harbour. Zadar was part of Italy until 1947, and, though fast diminishing, one still finds Italian influence. We also see the Roman Forum which was constructed between the 1st Century BC and the 3rd Century AD, and the circular 9th Century Church of St Donat, one of the most outstanding monuments in Dalmatia. The sarcophagus of St Simeon is a masterpiece of medieval goldsmith work. Commissioned in 1377, the coffin is made of cedar and covered inside and out with finely executed gold-plated silver reliefs. Dinner on your own, guide will help with suggestion. Dinner on your own.
    Overnight at the hotel in Zadar.
    Accommodation: Hotel Mediteran 3*, Zadar or similar
    Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch
    Walking/hiking: 2-3 hours , 4km, ascent 200m, descent -200m
    Transfer: from Starigrad-Paklenica to Krupa aprox 45 minutes, from Krupa to Zadar approx 60 minutes drive

    Breakfast, we drive from Zadar to national park Krka, the most beautiful karstic river in Croatia that occupies the area between Knin and Skradin with deep canyons carved in limestone plateaus. First we hike among many waterfalls, up to Skradinski Buk, then we take a boat to waterfall Roski Slap. Visovac Lake and the Franciscan monastery are situated in between these two magnificent waterfalls, right on the spot where the river enters the lake. From Roški slap we hike up to Ožiđana pećina and then to Stinice. Drive to Split where we will spend our last night of Croatian hiking tour. After check in to the hotel we take a walking tour of old town. Farewell dinner. Overnight at the hotel in Split.
    Accommodation:Hotel Art annex 3*, Split or similar
    Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch, farewell dinner
    Walking/hiking:4-5 hours, 12 km, ascent 316m, descent -258m
    Transfer: from Zadar to Krka approx. 60 minutes, from Krka to Split approx. 60 minutes drive

    After breakfast organized group transfer to Split airport.
    Accommodation: not included
    Meals: breakfast
    Transfer: group transfer from hotel to Split airport, approx. 30 minutes drive

    Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons


  • English-speaking local guide
  • A single timed return airport transfer
  • All accommodation as described in the trip dossier
  • Meals as detailed in the Meal Plan
  • All land transport required by the itinerary
  • National park entrance fees

  • Travel insurance
  • Visas
  • Arrival and departure from Croatia
  • Airport transfers other than group transfers
  • Some meals as detailed in the meal plan
  • Extra activities and excursions not part of the itinerary
  • Tips for local staff
  • Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons


    What is a guided hiking tour?

    A tour accompanied by an expert hiking guide and a driver with a vehicle to transfer the group and the luggage form place to place. Following a specific itinerary we let you follow your pace and enjoy beauties of the destination with short breaks along the way. – Groups of up to 16 passengers – Expert hiking tour guide speaking various languages – Driver with vehicle following the group with luggage – Included transfers, activities, hotels and meals (sometimes with picnic lunch during hiking) – Twinning service – Single rooms at request and upon surcharge – Taxes included in the rate

    What is the size of the groups for the guided hiking tours?

    Our groups are usually made up of 4 to 16 people maximum. In case of more people there are more guides joining the group. The size of the groups can be adjusted to the clients’ needs in case of a private inquiry.

    What happens if the minimum number of participants is not reached?

    According to our General Terms and Conditions (GTC), a trip can be canceled up to the 30 days before the start of the trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached. We will get back to you with alternative travel suggestions.

    Is transfer from /to airport included?

    Yes, a single timed return airport transfer is arranged for the group to fit most of the guests’ arrival/departure time. In case your arrival/departure time is different and the group transfer doesn’t fit you, our team can help you out with private arrangements to suit your need.

    What is the average age of travelers in the group?

    Depending on the level of difficulty of the trip, the age of travelers can vary between 30 and 70 years. Average age is around 50 years of age. In family guided trips we also welcome kids, please contact us before booking to check which trip is the most suitable for each age range.

    How many participants have already registered?

    The exact number of registered participants can be requested from our sales team.

    How can I book a group tour?

    The group tour can be booked both on our homepage (simply select your desired date and start an inquiry) as well as in your travel agency. You can also get information about vacant places for a trip by telephone or request a non-binding offer. However, for a binding booking we need a written confirmation or an online booking via our website.

    Is there vegetarian / vegan … food on site?

    You can note your desire for vegetarian or vegan food when booking, we will forward your request to the property. Please note that in remote regions some catering requirements simply cannot be fulfilled.

    Can I arrive earlier / leave later?

    Yes, this is possible, please specify your wishes in the booking. We would check the possibilities and make you a non-binding offer for a private transfer or an extra night.

    Do you offer twinning?

    Yes, if possible, we offer you matchmaking service with a person of the same sex. If that’s not an option for you or nobody is available for twinning you can still join the group by booking a single room for which a single supplement needs to be paid. For exact offer for a single room please ask our team.

    Which vehicles are used in guided hiking tours?

    Fiore tours along with partners operates a fleet of different vehicles from cars, minivans and minibuses. Usually up to 7 people we use a 9-seater van and for groups from 8 to 16 people a 20-seater minibus or two 9-seater vans.

    Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons


    Hotel Jadran 3*

    Hotel Jadran, a modern Bed & Breakfast located in the centre of Zagreb, only a few minutes’ walk from Zagreb Cathedral and Ban Jelačić Square, between Upper and Lower Town and close to all major city attractions. It offers an excellent breakfast full of healthy seasonal foods within its restaurant. It has 49 modern rooms (A/C, WiFi, hairdryer, SAT TV, phone) and is a perfect blend of long-standing tradition and contemporary ambience. Just 200 m from Jadran Hotel there is a public parking garage. Cvjetni Square is a 10-minute walk from the hotel while Zagreb Cathedral 600 m away. Zagreb Airport is 12 mi / 20 km from the property.Visit page

    B&B Vila Angy 4*

    Vila Angy is situated below the former medieval fortress Mrsinj-city and Prozor-city, in Lika – a quiet and beautiful location in the National Park Plitvice Lakes. The newly opened private hotel Angy is situated only 15km away from the entrance 2 of the National Park Plitvice Lakes and 3 km from the center of Korenica and has 21 comfortable and modern equipped rooms and 2 bedroom apartments, reception, lobby, restaurant, wireless Internet access throughout facility, and private parking. Bihać is 23 mi / 37 km from B&B Villa Angy, while Slunj is 24 mi / 39 km away. The nearest airport is Zadar Airport, 78 mi / 125 km away.Visit page

    Hotel Gacka 3*

    Set in the village of Ličko Lešće, 10 km from Otočac and the nearest access to the A1 Motorway, Hotel Gacka has its own restaurant and offers rooms and apartments with free Wi-Fi and free parking. River Gacka is 300 metres away. It is renovated in an antique rustic style and it has 18 rooms, 2 suites, a restaurant with 160 seats, indoor and outdoor terrace and souvenir shop. Each of the rooms and apartments at the Gacka Hotel has a telephone line and a bathroom with shower. Unspoiled nature, pleasant temperatures by day and by night, many recreational opportunities and excellent cuisine are just some of the reasons to visit. Rijeka airport is the closest, 47 mi / 75 km away.

    B&B Ramića dvori

    In a preserved old house in the beautiful mountain environment of the National park “Paklenica”, we offer dwelling – sleeping for 19 persons, during the whole year. There are 4 rooms and a separated chamber with open fireplace (grill, baking lid etc.) at your disposal. House is equipped with kitchen utensils and cutlery. There is a possibility to make an agreement for varied kinds of arrangements -one-day picnic or more-days excursions, just sleeping or full board… The house is located in the hart of the National park, only 10 minutes walk from the Mountaineering house, and house could be a base for the mountaineering tours through Velebit.Visit page

    Hotel Vicko 3*

    Hotel Vicko is located in Starigrad Paklenica, 2 km from the entrance of the National Park Paklenica. Hotel Vicko has 58 beds in single and double rooms. Classic rooms are equipped with shower and toilette, A/C, phone, SAT TV, safe andpark view. Maritime rooms are equipped with all the basics but also have a balcony with sea view. The hotel guests have a 24 hours guarded parking lot, an exchange office and beach with chairs, sunshades and shower available. À la carte restaurant „4 FERALA“ offers local dishes of the traditional Dalmatian cuisine, ancient recipes based on herbal plants from Velebit, vegetarian and diet dishes as well as classical dishes prepared by the caring hands and big heart of the chef. The ancient city of Zadar is 31 mi / 50 km away with the closest airport.Visit page

    Hotel Mediteran 3*

    Hotel Mediteran is a 10-minute walk from the beach and 2.5 mi from the historic center of Zadar. It offers 6 comfort rooms and 22 standard rooms with free Wi-Fi and a balcony overlooking the sea or the grounds. The air conditioned rooms have classic décor and carpeted floors. They provide satellite TV, minibar and bathroom with hairdryer. The on-site restaurant serves Dalmatian and international cuisine. Drinks and cocktails can be enjoyed at the bar. The Mediteran Hotel offers free private parking, including a garage for motorbikes. The main local attractions can be reached with the bus that stops 300 m away. Zadar airport is 7 mi / 11,5 km away.Visit page

    Hotel Art annex 3*

    Featuring a health club and an on-site restaurant, Art Hotel Depandansa is close to the historic center of Split, only 10 minutes on foot from the Diocletian’s Palace and other cultural and business locations. Spa facilities include Finnish sauna and a steam bath. All rooms feature LCD TVs and free Internet access. Laptops are available upon request. Guests can relax in the hotel’s lounge bar. Art Hotel Depandansa is in the vicinity of cafés, restaurants, major shopping malls and other tourist attractions. The Split International Airport is located 20 minutes by car from the hotel. The ferry terminal can be reached within a 10-minute walk and the town beach is located 20 minutes walking or 10 minutes by car from the hotel.Visit page


    Fiore Tours spot16

    This type of walking holiday is for those who don’t have previous experience in walking holidays and prefer sightseeing more than long walks. Paths are without long ascent and descents.
    Distance for a day less than 14 km

    Fiore Tours spot15

    Distances on this holiday are bit longer with ascents and descents which require good level of fitness. So this trips is perfect for those who are active and can enjoy in longer walks.
    Distance for a day are 14 km to 21 km

    Fiore Tours spot14

    Walking distances on this type of holiday are longer and some of the days may be challenging than others. Possible are days with easy scrambling and steeper descents. Suitable for most regular walkers who have a reasonable level of fitness.
    Distance for a day are 21 km to 27 km

    Fiore Tours spot12

    This walk is made for the experienced walkers looking for a challenge. Distances are long and ascents and descent are steep and more often, terrain is changeable and scrambling is more often. Very good level of fitness is required.
    Distance for a day are 27 km to 30 km

    Fiore Tours spot11

    For this holiday excellent level of fitness and experience is required. Walkers need to have experience in navigation and mountaineering skills. Weather conditions can be changeable and rough.
    Distance for a day are more than 30 km


    Fiore Tours spot16

    Easy and relaxed cycling holiday suitable for families with children. On this tour there are no steep hills and cycling days are short.
    Distance for a day less than 35 km

    Fiore Tours spot15

    This holiday requires cyclist with better level of fitness who are occasional cyclist. Cycling days are longer and higher hills are possible.
    Distance for a day are 35 km to 55 km

    Fiore Tours spot14

    This holiday is suitable for cyclist with higher level of fitness who are active and cycling weekly. Distances and hills are longer and some of the days are challenging.
    Distance for a day are 55 km to 75 km

    Fiore Tours spot12

    This is challenging holiday for the avid cyclist who are prepared for steep hills and long distances.
    Distance for a day are 75 km to 95 km

    Fiore Tours spot11

    This holidays are made for keen cyclist who can cycle long and challenging days in a row. Hills are steep and distances are long.
    Distance for a day are 95 km to 120 km


    Fiore Tours
    Fiore Tours spot5

    Basic accommodation is represented by mostly mountain huts or rural houses with dormitory rooms and shared bathroom / shower / WC.

    Fiore Tours spot4

    Budget accommodation is represented by family run 2* guest-houses/ B&B’s and rooms with en suite bathroom and breakfast. We guarantee friendly service and clean accommodation.

    Fiore Tours spot3

    Classic accommodation is represented by small, family run guest-houses and B&B’s in rural areas with en suite bathroom and 3* family run hotels with unique  atmosphere. Most accommodations are offering dinner, fresh and traditional food (some needs information in advance).

    Fiore Tours spot2

    Premium accommodation includes small 4* family run hotels with various types of rooms. Some boutique hotels also have a pool (indoor or outdoor) and spa. All hotels have restaurants that offer traditional and local cuisine.

    Fiore Tours spot

    Luxury accommodation includes 4* and 5* hotels with best possible service. Hotels are at best locations and in city centre. Luxury hotels include spa centres and massage service as well as great restaurants with excellent views and unique atmosphere.

    Hiking Croatia's Coast & Canyons


    Reviewed by Sheley Parks on October 13, 2021
    I loved this tour! Luka and H were fantastic! They were funny, personable, helpful, kind and patient. There was quite a range of fitness levels and they were able to keep all of us happy. The route we took was amazing! Would recommend this tour to anyone that wants to experience the National Parks in Croatia. So much ch fun!!
    Reviewed by Marry Mallard on July 12th, 2023
    Great holiday for us. All 7 of us got on very well right from day 1. And our guide Dubro brilliant. Walks very interesting, hard at times but well worth the views. And only 10 mins walking and flat. (Ask Debro about this) Accommodation good, variety of food at one of Dubro,s contacts



    Fiore Tours
    Fiore Tours spot10

    Osnovni smještaj su najčešće planinske kuće ili privatne kuće u ruralnim krajevima sa višekrevetnim spavaonama i zajedničkom kupaonicom / tušem / wc-om.

    Fiore Tours spot9

    Budžetni smještaj su najčešće obiteljski vođeni pansioni kategorizirani pod 2*. Sobe imaju privatnu kupaonicu te je u sklopu smještaja uključen i doručak. Sobe su čiste i uredne a domaćini ljubazni.

    Fiore Tours spot8

    Standardni smještaj su najčešće mali obiteljski hoteli od 3* ili sobe s doručkom, često u ruralnim područjima sa posebnom obiteljskom atmosferom. Sobe su sa odvojenom kupaonicom i ugodnim namještajem. Smještaj najčešće uz doručak nudi i večere sa svježim i tradicionalnim namirnicama.

    Fiore Tours spot7

    Premijum smještaj su obiteljski hoteli od 4* koji nude različite vrste soba u sklopu objekta. Svi hoteli sadrže restoran sa tradicionalnom ponudom. Neki od malih obiteljskih hotela imaju i bazen (unutrašnji ili vanjski) te uslugu wellnesa.

    Fiore Tours spot6

    Luksuzni smještaj su hoteli od 4* I 5* sa vrhunskom uslugom. Hoteli su najčešće na najboljim lokacijama u centru grada te nude raznolike vrste soba, uslugu wellnessa, bazen te restorane sa vrhunskom tradicionalnom i internacionalnom kuhinjom.