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Private and Tailor Made Tours

Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina or Montenegro


- travel when you want
- choose your company
- travel at the pace you want
- customized to suit your interests and budget
- personalization and flexibility

Utilizing our 25+ years of adventure expertise, Fiore tours can easily customize any of our tours or create one from scratch just for you to suit your individual travel style, schedule and budget. We take care of all the planning, great local guides, carefully curated hotels, culinary encounters, drivers, transfers, top quality bike hire and beach extension.

If you’re considering bringing your group to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina or Montenegro trust FIORE TOURS to organize and deliver your custom travel experience. Our comprehensive travel planning include:

All components for an integrated tourism experience. These include professional driver and licensed guides, transportation (car, van, minibus or coach), hand picked accommodation, meals, culinary experiences and top quality bike hire (e-bikes, road, touring and mountain bikes).

Innovative itinerary development. We work with our clients to develop itineraries that respond to their psycho-graphics, exertion and comfort levels. Feel free to ask us for examples of popular itineraries or ones that are more “off the beaten path.”

Outstanding customer service. Our success is largely due to our guides who place the customer first. As a “hands on” tourism business, our guides also work in the office, help set policy and basically keep the rest of us honest. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and keep a 24 hour emergency line open.

Value for money. The quality of our product and its cost represent some of best value for money spent. Our local knowledge, innovative ideas, access to a wide variety of unique properties and direct service delivery contribute to competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.

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