Available: March - November

from: €960

Cycling from Trieste to Pula

8 days / 7 nights


  • Cycling through the beautiful landscapes of Istria
  • Sightseeing of local towns Motovun and Grožnjan
  • Fabulous Pula, Rovinj and Poreč
  • Learning about the cultural heritage
  • Enjoying delicacies
  • Self-guided cycling adventure combining three countries in a week - Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

    A trip that is combining three countries in a week is nothing less than a perfect blend of cultural diversity, natural richness and fabulous local cuisine
    Self guided cycling | E-bike cycling TOUR

    From: €960

    Available: March - November


    Learn about the importance of harbor and trade centers of Austrian-Hungarian and Roman empires by making a visit to Trieste, Pula, Poreč and Rovinj. Challenge yourself by cycling the hilltops of Motovun or Grožnjan, typical medieval fortified cities with some magnificent views.

    Enjoy your cycling days by allowing yourself to taste local wines, olive oils and truffle specialties in local restaurants, making friends like locals do.


    START/FINISH: Trieste, Buje, Motovun, Grožnjan, Poreč, Rovinj
    DISTANCE: 286 km / 177 miles
    DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights
    FROM: €960

    • Single room supplement (when traveling with others) from 330.00 to 380.00€
    • Solo traveler supplement (when traveling alone) from 530.00 to 580.00€

    • Single room supplement (when traveling with others) from 710.00 to 980.00€
    • Solo traveler supplement (when traveling alone) from 910.00 to 1180.00€
    • Extra nights and private transfers are possible at request.
      Hybrid bike rental 130,00 € for a tour
      Gravel bike rental 230,00 € for a tour
      E-bike rental 230,00 € for a tour

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    Fiore Tours has grown to become one of the Croatian leading independent adventure travel company specialised in organising adventure, cultural and gourmet travel in Croatia. Our guides / tour leaders are carefully selected among travel enthusiasts and outdoor specialists.



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    If you’re considering bringing your group to Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina or Montenegro trust FIORE TOURS to organize and deliver your custom travel experience. Our comprehensive group services include:

    All components for an integrated tourism experience. These include professional driver and licensed guides, transportation (car, minivan, 15 passenger minibus or coach), accommodation (hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, private accommodation, even camping), meals (from picnics to fine dining) and activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting).

    Innovative itinerary development. We work with our clients to develop itineraries that respond to their customer’s psycho-graphics and exertion and comfort levels. Feel free to ask us for examples of popular itineraries or ones that are more “off the beaten path.”

    Outstanding customer service. Our success is largely due to our guides who place the customer first. As a “hands on” tourism business, our guides also work in the office, help set policy and basically keep the rest of us honest. We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and keep a 24 hour emergency line open.

    Value for money. The quality of our product and its cost represent some of best value for money spent. Our local knowledge, innovative ideas, access to a wide variety of unique properties and direct service delivery contribute to competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.


    Tourism is the world’s fastest growing industry. Traveling to far flung places gives us a wonderful opportunity to experience cultures that are so different from our own. But with the wondrous joy of travel comes the responsibility of ensuring that we do not adversely affect those countries that we visit. In a nutshell, Responsible Travel is about ensuring that you, as travelers, and Fiore Adventure, as a promoter of travel:

    • respect the local culture
    • do not inadvertently introduce new social ills and
    • promote & practice environmental responsibility in the places that we visit

    That way, you enjoy a unique and memorable experience as well as authentic cross-cultural exchange and our local resources, cultures and customs are protected.

    It has always been at the heart of Fiore Adventure’ ethos to not exploit local communities’ culture and environment.

    We ensure our tours are:

    • low impact on natural resources
    • respectful and observant of local customs and
    • supportive of local economies

    All staff of Fiore Adventure are locally employed and all our guides are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We also involve local communities in remote areas that we travel to.

    Our environmental policy:

    • We recycle all our waste paper
    • Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper used for our activities
    • We use established, locally-owned and run accommodation wherever possible and aim to leave sites in better condition than we find them.
    • Our vehicle fleet is managed to minimise environmental impact.
    • Our group sizes are small, helping minimise cultural and environmental impact.
    • We monitor our impact, and where necessary alter our programmes accordingly.
    • We always abide by site-specific guidelines pertaining to flora and fauna.

    Social policy:

    • All staff of Fiore Adventure are locally employed and all our guides are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We also involve local communities in remote areas that we travel to.
    • Our accommodation is mostly provided in small hotels, guest houses or apartments.
      On all our tours we use local produce and provide local-style meals, and we encourage our guests to try local dishes and delicacies
    • We support local economy and small business by supporting locally owned shops, restaurants, and using local guide services.
      Using local employees, accommodation providers, local restaurants and transportation services, Fiore Adventure ensures that financial benefits remain in the local community.

    What you can do:

    • Learn something about Croatia: culture, religion, geography, politics and local customs.I strongly recommend to get a good travel guide such as Lonely Planet guides or Croatian Tourism Board. They are very useful before and during your staying.
    • Try to speak at least a few words of Croatian, you will make a big impression by doing it and it’s also a show of respect and interest on your part.
    • In many places fresh water is a very precious commodity and should not be wasted, so use a minimum for showering and washing, especially when you are on islands, tap water is drinkable throughout Croatia
    • Turn out the lights or air condition when you leave your room, use the public transport as much as you can, minimize your waste generally
    • Pick up your litter, never live any trace in nature, when you are in rural areas please stay to the trails and don’t damage or take any plants or flowers


    Fiore tours & adventure operates a fleet of different vehicles from cars, minivans and minibuses. Each van is equipped stereo radio/ CD sound systems with microphone, cloth/velour upholstered seats, carpeted interior and air conditioning. The vans are regularly serviced and continuously checked by a well established network of maintenance and service facilities throughout the country. This adds up to the best preventative maintenance program, but technical problems are not always avoidable.

    Drive and explore


    Fiore Tours adventure partner in Croatia


    We cater to clients from all around the world and in doing so understand their basic needs and requirements. Whether you are on a business trip or on a holiday, we can assist you move in and around Croatia.

    Fiore Tours drive and explore


    Preparing for your trip!!!! So you have booked! Please take the time to read the following information; it will help you prepare for the trip of a lifetime. The information provided here is a guideline and should be used as such, if you need further information please feel free to contact us – one of our staff will be happy to help you.

    Travel documents

    Passport valid for at least three months beyond length of stay is required for those nationals that need a visa. Those not requiring a visa need a valid passport and must leave the country before the passport has expired.If you don’t have a passport, apply for one in good time. If you do have a passport, check the expiry date.

    Citizens of Australia, Canada, the EU, New Zealand, and the US do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Visas cost US$26 (single-entry), US$33 (double-entry), and US$52 (multiple-entry). Apply for a visa at your nearest Croatian embassy or consulate at least one month before planned arrival.

    Travel Insurance
    A requirement for all overland travel is that you have valid insurance cover for the duration of our tour. It must cover you against personal accident, medical, cancellation, curtailment and repatriation expenses , you should also make sure you are covered for hiking and other expedition activities or optional excursions that you intend to do. You should purchase your travel insurance policy at the same time as you book your tour.Please remember to bring your policy with you.

    Regional Information
    Read more about Croatia….

    Packing list – adventure travel
    One word: versatility. Your destination and the duration of time you’re traveling generally dictates what—and how much—to bring along. But whether you’re living out of your bag for two weeks or four months, pack clothes that can do double duty, ones that are functional enough for the trail but sharp enough not to stand out in a city. Sun hats can become rain hats, backpacks with detachable daypacks free your hands when lugging your gear from bus stop to hotel, and a good pair of travel pants with a concealed zipper pocket could stand in for a money belt.

    When it comes to clothing, stay away from cotton (or at least aim for poly/cotton blends; it may be comfortable, but it takes forever to dry), and try for wrinkle-free clothes. Pack one nice outfit for that must-have dinner in a Parisian café, and always have pants or a skirt that’s long enough to cover your legs should you be traveling in a country where custom dictates a degree of modesty. In warmer climes, you’ll naturally be packing lighter. In cooler locales, layering will stretch your wardrobe. Another piece of advice: darker colors generally blend in anywhere, let you mix and match without becoming a fashion accident, and save the hassle of constant washing. And if you’re heading someplace with inexpensive markets and shopping (Southeast Asia, for example), you can always buy a few new items when the need or desire strikes.

    In the brave new world of bags, you can get a rolling bag/backpack hybrid that gives you the versatility, and the newer generation of rollers come with wheels that swallow up Central European cobblestone as much as NYC asphalt. But if you’re uncertain, let your interest be your guide. Trekking in Annapurna? Go with a traditional backpack. Crawling the pavement of South America’s metropolises? A rolling bag will save your back and serve you well.

    Travel Items
    • passport + photocopy of front page of passport
    • airline tickets
    • travel insurance
    • wallet (cash, credit cards, traveler’s cheque, ID Card)
    • money belt
    • medications
    • list of contact addresses and telephone numbers
    • backpack
    • daypack
    • multi-tool or pocket knife
    • headlamp
    • camera, memory card/film, charger/extra camera batteries
    • ziploc plastic bags
    • travel alarm clock / calculator
    • small umbrella
    • reading material
    • International electric adapters

    • 2 to 3 synthetic/wicking polo shirts or t-shirts or 1 to 2 short-sleeve blouses, gauzy material
    • fleece jacket or vest
    • rainjacket (gore tex or similar)
    • convertible nylon pants or a few skirts
    • underwear and socks
    • clothing and shoes for downtime and restaurants
    • lightweight sarong
    • sun/rain hat
    • mid thigh-length shorts
    • swimmsuit
    • sleepwear
    • sunglasses

    • waterproof sandals (or flip-flops for public showers)
    • trail-running or hiking shoes
    • “dress up” shoes (or buy them in-country)
    • hiking socks
    Toiletry Kit
    • super-absorbent camp towel
    • dramamine, or other motion sickness tablets
    • anti-diarrhea medicine
    • anti-bacterial cream
    • insect repellent
    • sunscreen and lip ointment
    • handi Wipes
    • feminine products
    • shaving accessories

    Repair Kit
    • safety pins (keep straps together, etc.)
    • clothespins (keep curtains closed and hang clothing to dry)
    • mini sewing kit

    Packing list – Cycling Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • bicycling shoes or stiff-soled sneakers
    • bicycling shorts
    • short-fingered bicycling gloves
    • brightly colored cycling jerseys or synthetic T-shirts
    • lightweight jacket or vest
    • breathable windproof and waterproof rain jacket
    Optional Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • arm and knee/leg warmers
    • headband that covers ears (worn under helmet)
    • synthetic mid-weight socks
    • toe covers or booties (worn over clip-in bike shoes)
    • bicycling tights
    • windproof outer gloves (worn over biking gloves)
    • lightweight but warm cycling cap that fits under helmet (skullcap)
    • hydration backpack
    • personal biking gear and helmet

    Packing list – Walking/Hiking Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Walking/Hiking Clothing & Gear
    • waterproof hiking boots/shoes
    • walking/hiking shorts
    • long-fingered, waterproof gloves
    • lightweight windproof jacket/vest or warm sweater
    • synthetic walking/hiking pants
    • synthetic T-shirts
    • walking sticks optional

    Packing list – Sea Kayak Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Sea Kayaking Clothing & Gear
    • water bottles/hydration pack
    • dry bags
    • synthetic T-shirts
    • waterproof sandals
    • swim suit and spare
    • towel
    • hat: baseball or wide-brim
    • polypro long-sleeve top
    • suncream & lipsalve
    • gloves

    Packing list – Multi-Sport Holidays
    Complete packing list for adventure travel
    Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • bicycling shoes or stiff-soled sneakers
    • bicycling shorts
    • short-fingered bicycling gloves
    • brightly colored cycling jerseys or synthetic T-shirts
    • lightweight jacket or vest
    • breathable windproof and waterproof rain jacket
    Optional Bicycling Clothing & Gear
    • arm and knee/leg warmers
    • headband that covers ears (worn under helmet)
    • synthetic mid-weight socks
    • toe covers or booties (worn over clip-in bike shoes)
    • bicycling tights
    • windproof outer gloves (worn over biking gloves)
    • lightweight but warm cycling cap that fits under helmet (skullcap)
    • hydration backpack
    • personal biking gear and helmet

    Sea Kayaking Clothing & Gear
    • water bottles/hydration pack
    • dry bags
    • synthetic T-shirts
    • waterproof sandals
    • swim suit and spare
    • towel
    • hat: baseball or wide-brim
    • polypro long-sleeve top
    • suncream & lipsalve
    • gloves

    Notice On Filing Customer's Complaints

    Pursuant to Article 8 Paragraph 2 of the Law on Consumer Protection (Narodne Novine Official Gazette No. 97/07 and 125/07 – corr. 79/09 and 89/09 – corr., 133/09), we inform our clients that complaints regarding the quality of our services can be submitted in writing to:
    Fiore d.o.o., travel agency, Mate Vlašića 6, 52440 Poreč, Croatia or sending to following E-mail address: adventure@fiore.hr

    You will receive a response to your complaint in writing within 15 days of receipt of the complaint. Required information: name and surname of the person filing the complaint, the exact address for submission of responses.

    Cycling from Trieste to Pula


    01.03.-19.04. – 960 EUR
    20.04.-19.06. – 1080 EUR
    20.06.-19.09. – 1130 EUR
    20.09.-30.11. – 1080 EUR
    01.03.-19.04. – 1350 EUR
    20.04.-19.06. – 1570 EUR
    20.06.-19.09. – 1790 EUR
    20.09.-30.11. – 1570 EUR
    Prices are in EUR per person sharing a double/twin room. This trip is available from mid-March till mid-November.
    The flexibility of self-guided holidays means that there are no fixed dates and you can start your trip on any date within the season.

    Cycling from Trieste to Pula


    Independent arrival in Trieste. We suggest you to explore Trieste center. Overnight in Trieste.

    Accommodation: Hotel Italia 3* or similar, Trieste
    Meals: not included
    Highlights: Trieste

    At 09 am we have a welcome briefing and those who have ordered bike rental will get fitted with our bikes and other equipment. To avoid cycling with traffic in Triest we suggest to take a ferry from Triest to Muggia, departure times are: 10:10am and 11:20, duration 30 minutes. Price (in 2023) per person bike EUR 5.55
    Your cycling adventure through 3 countries (Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) will start on the legendary route of the Parenzana, the former narrow-gauge railway line which penetrates deeply into the Istrian peninsula connecting 33 istrian cities and towns from Trieste to Poreč (in Italian Parenzo from which the rail road got it’s name), spanning to the territory of three states. Although it has been out of function for many decades, a few years ago the Parenzana served as the inspiration for a new tourist attraction. The County of Istria, the Management Board for Tourism and the Association for the Renovation of the Poreč-Kopar-Trieste railway started the important “Parenzana: The trail of health and friendship” project, where they have promoted the former railway as a cycling path. After biking few miles through the city of Trieste we will cross over into Slovenia, often cycling along cycle paths through famous holiday resorts such as Koper, Venetian town for a long period and later Austrian town and Piran, another important town which was ruled over for a long time by Venice. Cycling southwards, you will pass through the salt mines of Secovlje, a large Slovenian town with a humid environment, which is an ornithology key area. Some miles later we will cross the Croatian border down along Istria, the Adriatic sea’s largest peninsula. Overnight in Buje area.

    Bike distance: shorter option 33 km / 21 miles / elevation gain 575 m / 1897 ft
    longer option 57 km / 35 miles / elevation gain 830 m / 2739 ft

    Accommodation: Hotel Casa Romantica la Parenzana 3* or Guesthouse Lovac 3*, Buje area.
    Meals: breakfast
    Highlights: Kopar, Piran, Saltwork

    This tour starts with easy downhill ride to the coast on the northernest point of Istrian peninsula. There is a lighthouse which you can visit, according to the legend build by count Metternich as his love nest. Savudrija is one of the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic, built in 1818. It is also the northernmost Istrian lighthouse. Its building is 36 meters tall and there with a keeper living inside it. The trail continues south to Umag, little town with about 45 km of the coastline and interesting hinterland integrates special features of the whole region and might be the best introduction into a different experience of the Mediterranean. Umag’s history is extremely interesting; it was founded by Roman nobleman who decided to make it his summer residence. The glamour, magnificence and glare of the times can be seen today in the Venetian houses of the old town. City walls and fortification are partially preserved as well as some renaissance and baroque buildings and churches. Vineyards and olive groves will create an atmosphere of the typical west Istrian landscape. Visit a wine cellar to taste the muscat, local sort of wine. Overnight in Buje area.

    Accommodation: Hotel Casa Romantica la Parenzana 3* or Guesthouse Lovac 3*, Buje area.
    Meals: Breakfast
    Bike distance: shorter option 48 km / 27 miles / elevation gain 443m / 1453 ft
    Highlights: Savudrija lighthouse, Umag, local wineries and olive oil producers

    Breakfast, apart from enjoying the breathtaking landscape from the terrace – styled vineyards which resemble to a front page of a holiday guide to Tuscany, you can indulge the sensation the area of Buje gives, a real polyphony of fragrances and tastes. Riding through magnificent rolling landscapes and lively Istrian vineyards, it will become obvious why it was named as wine railway. After passing through many tunnels and over old bridges we will stop on many fascinating view points from charming medieval town of Grožnjan to Završje until we reach Motovun, town monument, an ancient little Istrian town located at the top of a 277-meter-high hill, 21 km south-east from Buje. Its present appearance, with the city walls surrounding the centre of the town, dates back to the Middle Ages.

    Bike distance: shorter option 37 km / 22 miles / elevation gain 693 m / 2277 ft
    longer option 48 km / 30 miles / elevation gain 893m / 2947 ft

    Accommodation: Hotel Kaštel 3* or Villa Borgo 3*, Motovun
    Meals: breakfast
    Highlights: Momjan, Groznjan, Motovun

    After breakfast we continue from Motovun over Višnjan towards Poreč. The ride towards Poreč is particularly pleasant because you are riding along mostly donwhill towards the coastline. Landscape, green vineyards and olive groves will follow you during your rides and you can enjoy in a taste of home made food, wine, brandy and honey produced in this area.
    In the afternoon we reach Poreč, the town where you can find material and spiritual evidences of great cultures at every step. Cruise along the old city centre and see the old Roman forum, the world famous Euphrasian Basilica with it’s mosaics, palaces and fortifications belonging to the city nobles. Overnight in Poreč area.

    Bike distance: shorter option 40 km / 24 miles / elevation gain 367 m / 1204 ft
    Accommodation: Hotel Porec 3* or similar, Porec
    Meals: breakfast
    Highlights: Višnjan observatory , Wine cellars with local sorts malvasia and teran, Baredine cave, Poreč with Euphrasian basilica (UNESCO)

    Breakfast. A marsh, rare birds, a cursed city, buried pirates treasure, a deep bay, a cave with a primitive man and a hermit, an ancient solar observatory, an abandoned monastery – all this you can find on our bike trail of Captain Morgan. Riding along the coastline we reach Vrsar, romantic fishing town situated on a hill where the famous Casanova came back two times. We continue our bike ride through the magical forest Kontija with a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape of the Lim bay to ruins of the medieval town of Dvigrad. Just to stir your imagination – you are now in an area where many legends and mysteries based on historical events still live on: that of Dvigrad devastated by the plague because of an ancient curse, of the buried treasure of Captain Morgan’s pirates near the village named after him (Mrgani), of the cave where the remains of the primitive man were found and where, as legend has it, St. Romuald used to live as a hermit in the Middle Ages.
    Passing Kanfanar and the hill Maklavun, an astral-archaeological site – tumulus from the Bronze Age, we will finish this day in Rovinj. Called also little Venice, Rovinj is a typical Mediterranean seaside resort which will seduce you with its extraordinary beauty. In the dense tissue of the old city centre there are numerous magnificent palaces from different historical periods and today most of them host a gallery or an art studio. If you follow numerous chimneys of Rovinj and narrow meandering streets you will come in front of the baroque church of St Eufemia, the greatest monument in the city from which you can admire a magnificent view of the Mediterranean almost in your hand palm. Overnight in Rovinj area.

    Bike distance: shorter option 32 km / 19 miles / elevation gain 159 m / 528 ft
    longer option 66 km / 38 miles / elevation gain 860m / 2821 ft

    Accommodation: Hotel Baron Gautsch 3* or similar, Rovinj
    Meals: breakfast
    Highlights: Vrsar, Lim Bay ,Dvigrad, Rovinj

    After breakfast we start riding along the coastline towards Pula. Riding through the ornithological reserve Palud with rich variety of ornithology-fauna, a unique place where you can hear the chirping of even 215 different bird species we reach Fažana. Situated on a coast, well protected from the open sea by the enchanting Brioni archipelago (nowadays a national park) and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in the hinterland, Fažana was well known already in ancient Roman times. Which city is situated on seven hills, has a magnificent Amphitheatre and it is not Rome? The answer is – Pula. No, it is not a mistake – you are, indeed, in front of Pula, the largest city in Istria. Pula is an enchantress with thousand appearances which has been casting spell on its visitors for centuries. This day we finish visiting the old city with the Sergius’ Triumphal Arch (from the end of the 1st century B.C. and the beginning of the 1st century A.D.) and famous Arena, a Roman amphitheatre (from the 1st century B.C.). Overnight in Pula area.

    Bike distance: shorter option 40 km / 24 miles / elevation gain 309m / 1013 ft
    Accommodation: Hotel Amfiteatar 3* or similar, Pula
    Meals: breakfast
    Highlights: medieval Bale, ancient Pula, Colloseum Arena, olive groves

    Departure after breakfast.

    Biking distance: not included
    Accommodation: not included
    Meals: breakfast

    Cycling from Trieste to Pula


  • Info meeting,
  • 1 x overnight in Hotel 3* Trieste
  • 2 x overnight in Hotel/B&B 3*, Buje area
  • 1 x overnight in Hotel/B&B 3*, Motovun
  • 1 x overnight in Hotel 3*, Poreč
  • 1 x overnight in Hotel 3*, Rovinj
  • 1 x overnight in Hotel 3*, Pula
  • 7 x breakfasts
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel
  • Information package including detailed route description (map and road instructions) and vouchers
  • 24/7 emergency number

  • Travel and bike insurance
  • Arrival to Trieste and departure from Pula
  • Transfer from/to airport/bus-train station to a hotel and re-tour (can be organized)
  • Lunches, dinners and drinks if not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Bike rentals with equipment (tube repair kit, spare tube, pump, locks, bottle holder, rear rack and helmet if required)
  • Cycling from Trieste to Pula


    Do you arrange info meeting with clients?

    Yes we do, mostly on arrival day. We like to meet our guests in person in order to give the clients full information about the upcoming trip as well as much need material like maps, road book, bicycles and hotel vouchers. Generally it is scheduled at 19h / 7 p.m. for clients with independent arrival. In case they come with organized transfer it can be rescheduled to fit the arrival to the first accommodation.

    What is the grade of the tour?

    This cycling holiday is graded easy to moderate and involves 31-43 km daily distances. This holiday requires cyclist with better level of fitness who are occasional cyclist. Cycling days are longer and higher hills are possible.

    When is the best time of year for cycling?

    Spring in Croatia is sublime and April, May and June are absolutely lovely. Autumn is probably best time of year as the landscape is made up of a gold and red pallet so September and October are unmissable. July and August can be hot so you will have to start early to miss the heat of the day, although the towns and villages are busier with many seasonal festivals going on which is great.

    What should I bring from cycling equipment?

    You will need:

    • Cycling shoes
    • Suitable clothing for cycling
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Water carrier/bottle
    • Helmet
    • Note: you can mount(bring) your own bicycle pedals and seat
    • First aid kit, sun cream, bug repellent
    • Cash and credit cards

    Which are the best way for arrival in destination?

    Arrival in destination and in first hotel can be done by car, by plane, by train and by bus. Fiore tours can organize private transfer service from airports, train stations and bus stations. Before tour starts and also before booking you will find in our brochure(please download) detailed information and locations of nearest airports and bus or train stations from your first hotel. When booking is confirmed you will also recive form Fiore tours pre-trip brochure with more detailed helpfull information. Fiore tours can organize transfer service to first hotel upon arrival and transfer service from your last hotel upon departure. Transfer service is not included in price and must be pre ordered and extra paid. Transfer prices are specified in our brochure, please find it on our web page.

    What kind of assistance provides Fiore tours during the tour?

    From arrival day, with first contact with our representative through welcome meeting, continuing for the whole tour, you will have full assistance from Fiore tours staff. You will have all neccesary phone numbers for any remote assistance. Contact us by phone: call office or emergency mobile phone, send us an e-mail or send us text message (viber app or whatsapp). Also you can use assistance from hotel front desk to send a question or request. All our hotels are familiar with our tours and also very helpfull to all our guests.

    What about the navigation for the tour?

    You will be given road book with maps and descriptions for each cycling day. Our clients also receive Fiore Tours app key for offline maps.

    Are bicycles included in the tour price?

    No, bycicle is not included in a tour price. Fiore tours offers bicycle for rent (if you do not have a possibility to use your own): Giant talon MTB. Find more bycicle details in our brochure with prices. Bike rental includes also a helmet, one side pannier and flat pedals only. Other type of pedals (E.g. SPD or SPD/SL need to be ordered and paid extra.

    Are luggage transfers included?

    Yes luggage transfers are included. On all tours, whether guided or self-guided, your luggage is transferred to your following accommodation. Luggage transfer is mostly carried out by Fiore Tours, sometimes we also use the accommodation provider or a local taxi service. Luggage needs to be ready at hotel lobby until 9:00 in morning. You will be informed about details for local transfers and luggage transfers at the info meeting on your arrival day.

    How far in advance do I need to book?

    We suggest you book as soon as your plans are finalized. Croatia is extremely popular, especially during July/August. You will find up to date availability on our website and we will always try to accommodate your plans if you specify them.

    What is the accommodation going to be like?

    For the classic tour you’ll mainly stay in small, family-run guesthouses/B&B’s and 3* or 4* hotels, which reflect the local character. Detailed information about hotels & guesthouses you can find on our web pageor in our brochure. If provided accommodation is too basic for you, feel free to choose a Premium tour with upgraded hotels, mostly charming and small 4* hotels, offering a higher level of service.

    Can I arrive before the tour start or leave later?

    Yes you can send us a request for additional nights if you wish to prolong your holidays.

    Cycling from Trieste to Pula


    CLASSIC: B&B Trieste 3*

    B&B Hotel Trieste is set in a Neo-classical building from the Austro-Hungarian period, in front of the railway station and the airport terminal Ronchi dei Legionari. WiFi is free throughout. Enjoy your breakfast in the comfortable dining room or simply rest in the elegant ambiance of B&B Hotel Trieste after a walk around the city or after a day of work. The hotel services always include an en suite bathroom fitted up with bidet and shower with extra-large showerhead; the room is furnished with a Memory Foam made-in-Italy mattress, a soft quilt, unlimited access to the Internet thanks to the free Wi-Fi and a 32″ flat-screen Smart TV to get the most out of free Sky channels. Closest point of interest are the historical city center, the harbor and the Miramare Castle. Piazza Unità D’Italia is a 10-minute walk from the property. Trieste airport is located 19 mi / 30 km from the hotel.Visit page

    Hotel Italia 3*

    Located in the heart of Trieste, Hotel Italia lies at only a few minutes from the most important business centers, from the congress center, the museums and the shopping areas. Open all over the year, it’s only 200 m far from the Main Railway Station and the terminal for the airport. The hotel is completely accessible for handicapped people and offers also 1 especially equipped room based CEE standards. A hearty sweet and savory breakfast can be enjoyed in the morning, and a gluten-free breakfast is available on request. On the ground floor the Italia Hotel offers a small but comfortable bar. Every of the 3 floors has a saloon at the guests’ disposal for meeting each other and reading. The soundproof rooms, furnished with cherry wood and warm colors, provide a relaxing atmosphere. Trieste airport is located 19 mi / 30 km from the hotel.Visit page

    Hotel Casa Romantica La Parenzana 3*

    The family-owned Casa Romantica La Parenzana is a rugged former farmhouse with thick stone walls, wooden beams and open fireplaces, offering fine Istrian cuisine and free internet. Located close to Buje in Istria, on the former tracks of the Parenzana Railway Line, the historic towns of Motovun and Grožnjan are just about a few meters from the Casa Romantica La Parenzana. Traditional local food like Čripnja – roasted meat or fish and potatoes cooked in a cast iron pot over an open hearth fire – or dishes with truffles are served in the Konoba restaurant. All 16 rooms are heated and have an private bathroom and a TV. Internet access is available for free at the reception. Trieste airport is 29 mi / 46 km away, while Pula airport is 39 mi / 63 km away from hotel.Visit page

    B&B Lovac 3*

    Bed and Breakfast Lovac is located 1.9 mi / 3 km from the center of Buje. This charming property is surrounded by a lush garden and an olive grove. The on-site restaurant serves Istrian specialties. Free Wi-Fi and parking are available. All accommodations units are air-conditioned and feature a wardrobe and a TV. Private bathrooms are fitted with a shower. Breakfast is served daily at the on-site restaurant. A bike and tool storage is at the guests’ disposal. The restaurant serves local foods such as truffle and fish dishes, wild asparagus and game specialties. The towns of Grožnjan and Motovun can be reached in 6.2 mi / 10 km, while the coast is 9.3 mi / 15 km away. Pula Airport can be reached in 43 mi / 70 km.

    Boutique Hotel Kaštel 3*

    Featuring an indoor swimming pool and à-la-carte restaurant, the family-run Hotel Kaštel is set at the top of a hill in the center of the medieval town of Motovun. Its guests can enjoy spa area with a sauna, a relaxing garden and various massage treatments. The wellness and spa area as well as most of the hotel rooms offer views of characteristic central Istrian landscape, the valley of the river Mirna and the famous Motovun vineyards. Amenities in each of 33 rooms include air-conditioning, satellite TV, a telephone, free Wi-Fi internet and central heating. All rooms consist of a bathroom with bathtub or shower and a hairdryer. The distance to the beach is 19 mi / 30 km from the Kaštel Hotel. Pula Airport can be reached within 44 mi / 71 km and Rijeka Airport is at a distance of 62 mi / 100 km.Visit page

    Hotel Villa Borgo 3*

    This B&B, situated close to the main square, the walls and the main Motovun street filled with restaurants and souvenirs, has the most beautiful view of the natural beauty of the interior of Istria from its terrace. Formerly old traditional stone house (formerly a seashell) is now newly renovated with all together nine rooms with private bathrooms. There is also the neighboring building “Baka Ljubica”, which contains six newly renovated rooms, with private bathrooms and a street view. Pula Airport is 44 mi / 71 km from Villa Borgo, while Rijeka Airport can be reached within 62 mi / 100 km. A bus stops at the foot of Motovun.Visit page

    Hotel Poreč 3*

    Hotel Poreč, located directly beside the Marina of Poreč, takes only a short walk to the city center or the town beach. The parking is located in front of the hotel, a garage for motorcycles and bicycles is avalable for guests. Rooms, 54 of them, are modernly decorated, air-conditioned and have a balcony and a private bathroom with a shower. Satellite TV, a minibar, a safe and a free WI-FI internet are available. A breakfast buffet is served in a restaurant with possibility to book lunch or dinner at the reception desk. Pula airport is 28 mi /44,3 km away, while Trieste airport is 42 mi / 67,5 km away.Visit page

    B&B Villa Baron Gautsch 3*

    Set in a quiet residential area of Rovinj, Villa Baron Gautsch provides air-conditioned units and free WiFi. Guests can benefit from the sun terrace and a common lounge area with a fireplace. Each room at this bed and breakfast is air conditioned and has a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. All rooms have a private bathroom with shower. Ecomuseum Casa della Batana and St. Euphemia Church can be reached within a short walk. A variety of dining options, bars and shops can be found in the vicinity. Main Bus Station is only 50 m away. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 25 mi / 40 km from the property.Visit page

    Hotel Amfiteatar 3*

    A few steps from the Pula Arena amphitheater and Pula Marina, this hotel offers stylish, air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TVs and free internet. Mediterranean cuisine is served in the restaurant. Hotel Amfiteatar’s spacious rooms are decorated in bright lime green and beige colors. Each of 18 room has a mini-bar and a large, modern bathroom with rain shower. A breakfast buffet is provided each morning. Guests can taste a range of characteristic Istrian dishes or enjoy international cuisine and wines in Amfiteatar’s chic restaurant. A terrace is available in warm weather. The city beach and Pula Airport are each 12 minutes away by car.Visit page

    Hotel Galija 3*

    Located in the heart of Pula, the family-run Hotel Galija offers modern 3-star accomodation. It is open all year round and features a renowned restaurant with a large terrace. The restaurant specializes in Istrian and sea food dishes, as well as a wide selection of quality wines. Accommodations is provided in modern rooms and suites. All are equipped with air-conditioning, a satellite TV, a telephone, a mini-bar, an internet access, a safe and a hair dryer. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 4,5 mi / 6,7 km from the property.Visit page

    PREMIUM: Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta 4*

    Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta is located in Piazza Unità d’Italia, Trieste’s most impressive square that opens onto the sea. It offers luxury accommodations with an old-world atmosphere. Guests can relax in the indoor heated swimming pool, hot tub and Turkish bath. The rooms are decorated with classic, antique furniture. They come with a flat-screen TV with satellite and pay-per-view channels. WiFi here is free. Guests can choose between two fine restaurants: Harry’s Bistro and the Michelin-starred Harry’s “Piccolo”. Buffet breakfast is offered every morning in an elegant dining hall and includes freshly baked pastries. The Grand Duchi d’Aosta is 901 m from Trieste Railway Station and a 40-minute drive from the Ronchi dei Legionari Airport.Visit page

    Heritage Hotel San Rocco 4*

    An award-winning boutique hotel overlooking the quiet village of Brtonigla, this beautifully restored family estate with lush gardens, olive groves, and renowned restaurant welcomes visitors from all over the world. Each of the 14 double-occupancy rooms is uniquely designed to evoke the local traditions in wood, stone and wrought iron. Most have views of the park, the swimming pool, possibly even the distant Adriatic on clear days. Hotel features wellness and spa with outdoor and indoor pool. As members of the Association des Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, San Rocco’s gourmet restaurant is at the pinnacle of Istrian and Croatian cuisine. Pula Airport can be reached in 45 mi / 73 km, while Trieste Airport is at a distance of 56 mi / 90 km. City of Buje is 3.73 mi / 6 km away.Visit page

    San Servolo Resort and Beer Spa 4*

    Featuring a restaurant, a wellness center and free WiFi throughout the property, San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa is set in the Istrian countryside near Buje. This 4-star property offers a 24-hour front desk and free private parking. All rooms are air-conditioned and fitted with a flat-screen TV, a safe and a mini-bar. Private bathrooms include a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer. San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa offers a continental buffet breakfast. The wellness area can be used free of charge and consists of a fitness room, a swimming pool and a Turkish and Finnish sauna. The use of the Beer Spa services is available upon request and at a surcharge. The nearest beach can be reached in 5.6 mi / 9 km. Trieste is 16 mi / 26 km from the property, while Portorož is at a distance of 7.5 mi / 12 km. Pula Airport is 38 mi / 61 km away.Visit page

    Wine & Heritage Hotel Roxanich 4*

    Wine & Heritage hotel ROXANICH has a restaurant, seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a bar and garden in Motovun. Featuring family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace. The property has a 24-hour front desk, room service and free WiFi throughout the property. All 32 rooms come with a closet. Complete with a private bathroom equipped with a hairdryer, the rooms have a flat-screen TV and air conditioning, and some rooms include a balcony. All guest rooms will provide guests with a desk and an electric tea pot. Guests at the accommodation can enjoy a buffet breakfast. The wellness area features a sauna. Portorož is 24 mi / 38 km from Wine & Heritage hotel ROXANICH, while Poreč is 17 mi / 28 km from the property. The nearest airport is Pula Airport, 42 mi / 68 km from the hotel.Visit page

    Bo Hotel Palazzo 4*

    Built in 1910, it is the first hotel in the rich cultural and historical heritage of the town of Porec whose guests were aristocrats. Renovated in 2009 with respect for the original architecture, it offers its an union of luxurious architecture of a past era and comfort of first-rate modern catering. Hotel features 70 elegantly decorated and modernly furnished rooms, as well as 4 luxury and spacious suites, wellness and spa with outside pool. A pleasant and charming interior with discreet secession style details offers a gourmet experience by tasting traditional Istrian specialities and Mediterranean cuisine. It is located 28 mi / 45 km away from Pula airport and 42 mi / 67 km from Trieste airport.Visit page

    Hotel Angelo d’Oro 3*

    The Heritage Angelo d’Oro, formerly a Bishop`s Palace from the 17th century, is an elegant boutique hotel in Rovinj’s historic pedestrian center. The green-shuttered façade on the Via Svalbe street is typically Venetian and inside, vaulted ceilings and exposed stone walls create intimate spaces for dining and relaxation. A tiny rooftop loggia offers stunning views over the rooftops. Located in centuries-old building, rooms are unique in size, position and views – each comfortable and cosy in its own way. Every room has air conditioning, free WiFi, well stocked mini bar and an on suite bathroom with a bath or shower. All beds are double but also twin setting is offered on request. Earth colours and natural materials are signatures of Angelo d’Oro brand. The nearest airport is Pula airport, 19 mi / 31 km from hotel.Visit page

    Boutique Hotel Villa Tuttorotto 4*

    Located in Rovinj Old Town, the boutique Villa Tuttorotto is set in a historic building and features air-conditioned rooms overlooking Rovinj harbor and the Adriatic Sea. Free WiFi is provided in all areas. Tastefully decorated 6 double and 2 single rooms and a suite feature antique details and consist of a mini-bar, a safe and a flat-screen satellite TV. Private bathrooms come with a shower, a hairdyer and free toiletries. Guests can start their day with a gourmet breakfast in the dining room or on the sunny balcony of the hotel bar. Villa Tuttorotto has a lounge area with comfortable sofas and a wide selection of local and international spirits. Pula Airport can be reached in 24 mi / 39 km.Visit page

    Boutique Hotel Oasi 4*

    Located in Pješčana Uvala, a peaceful bay just a few km from the busy town of Pula, Boutique Hotel Oasi is surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery. Featuring an outdoor pool, sun loungers and a covered terrace and a wellness area, it also offers an on-site bar and restaurant. Free Wi-Fi and parking are provided. The rooms offer a seating area with a flat-screen satellite TV, a mini-bar and air conditioning. Private bathroom is fitted with a shower, free toiletries, bathrobe and slippers. Some rooms overlook the pool or the sea. The hotel’s restaurant serves traditional specialties, as well as vegetarian and macrobiotic cuisine. Breakfast is served each morning, while the cafe is open all day. A pebbly beach can be reached in 200 m. The town of Pula is located just 2.5 mi / 4 km away. Local busses stop 100 m away and drive to the center of Pula, while the Main Bus Station is 3.1 mi / 5 km away. Pula Airport is 5.6 mi / 9 km away.Visit page

    Park Plaza Histria Pula 4*

    Only steps from the beach, Park Plaza Histria Pula is 4 km from Pula’s center. Featuring 3 restaurants, tennis and racquetball courts, it features an outdoor pool, pool tables, mini golf and lounge chairs. Providing panoramic views, the accommodations include a balcony, modern furnishings and an LCD satellite TV. Each unit is air-conditioned and has a private bathroom with a bathtub or a shower. The wellness & spa area is 5,920 ft² and features an indoor swimming pool with sea water, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, ice bath and relax zone with heated lounge chairs. There is also a fully equipped gym and an on-site hair and beauty salon with 4 treatment rooms. Park Plaza Histria has various restaurants serving traditional Istrian cuisine and international dishes. Guests can also enjoy the Adriatic Sea view from terraces of hotel’s cafés. Pula International Airport is 6,7 mi / 11 km from the Park Plaza Histria.Visit page


    Fiore Tours spot16

    This type of walking holiday is for those who don’t have previous experience in walking holidays and prefer sightseeing more than long walks. Paths are without long ascent and descents.
    Distance for a day less than 14 km

    Fiore Tours spot15

    Distances on this holiday are bit longer with ascents and descents which require good level of fitness. So this trips is perfect for those who are active and can enjoy in longer walks.
    Distance for a day are 14 km to 21 km

    Fiore Tours spot14

    Walking distances on this type of holiday are longer and some of the days may be challenging than others. Possible are days with easy scrambling and steeper descents. Suitable for most regular walkers who have a reasonable level of fitness.
    Distance for a day are 21 km to 27 km

    Fiore Tours spot12

    This walk is made for the experienced walkers looking for a challenge. Distances are long and ascents and descent are steep and more often, terrain is changeable and scrambling is more often. Very good level of fitness is required.
    Distance for a day are 27 km to 30 km

    Fiore Tours spot11

    For this holiday excellent level of fitness and experience is required. Walkers need to have experience in navigation and mountaineering skills. Weather conditions can be changeable and rough.
    Distance for a day are more than 30 km


    Fiore Tours spot16

    Easy and relaxed cycling holiday suitable for families with children. On this tour there are no steep hills and cycling days are short.
    Distance for a day less than 35 km

    Fiore Tours spot15

    This holiday requires cyclist with better level of fitness who are occasional cyclist. Cycling days are longer and higher hills are possible.
    Distance for a day are 35 km to 55 km

    Fiore Tours spot14

    This holiday is suitable for cyclist with higher level of fitness who are active and cycling weekly. Distances and hills are longer and some of the days are challenging.
    Distance for a day are 55 km to 75 km

    Fiore Tours spot12

    This is challenging holiday for the avid cyclist who are prepared for steep hills and long distances.
    Distance for a day are 75 km to 95 km

    Fiore Tours spot11

    This holidays are made for keen cyclist who can cycle long and challenging days in a row. Hills are steep and distances are long.
    Distance for a day are 95 km to 120 km


    Fiore Tours
    Fiore Tours spot5

    Basic accommodation is represented by mostly mountain huts or rural houses with dormitory rooms and shared bathroom / shower / WC.

    Fiore Tours spot4

    Budget accommodation is represented by family run 2* guest-houses/ B&B’s and rooms with en suite bathroom and breakfast. We guarantee friendly service and clean accommodation.

    Fiore Tours spot3

    Classic accommodation is represented by small, family run guest-houses and B&B’s in rural areas with en suite bathroom and 3* family run hotels with unique  atmosphere. Most accommodations are offering dinner, fresh and traditional food (some needs information in advance).

    Fiore Tours spot2

    Premium accommodation includes small 4* family run hotels with various types of rooms. Some boutique hotels also have a pool (indoor or outdoor) and spa. All hotels have restaurants that offer traditional and local cuisine.

    Fiore Tours spot

    Luxury accommodation includes 4* and 5* hotels with best possible service. Hotels are at best locations and in city centre. Luxury hotels include spa centres and massage service as well as great restaurants with excellent views and unique atmosphere.

    Cycling from Trieste to Pula


    Reviewed by Peter Caldwell on Jan 16th, 2019
    The second day’s circular route from Lovac via Umag took us through some beautiful countryside. Excellent holiday. The ride from Rovinj to Pula could perhaps be changed to allow for a coastal route. Journey to Bale is on reasonably busy road and is a reversal of the journey into Rovenj. The first day’s cycling (Trieste to Lovac) concludes with a difficult border crossing (from Slovenia to Croatia). The road is very busy and there is little chance for drivers to overtake the cyclists.
    Reviewed by Kurt Schoenkopf on Jan 16th, 2019
    I just wanted to say thank you for organizing a wonderful bike ride. We had a great time and loved Croatia. We are definitely coming back. Thanks to Fiore Tours and Peter who did and excellent job of coordinating while we were in route.
    Reviewed by Mary Fox on Jan 16th, 2019
    Very impressed with all Fiore staff who were knowledgeable and very supportive before and during our tour. We much appreciated prompt communication regarding questions and in particular how accomodating staff were in responding to our change of route distance request. It was much appreciated that phone calls made to the support number during the tour were actioned quickly and promptly in a positive manner. Thank you. We will certainly recommend Fiore to our cycling friends and hope to use the company again in the future.
    Reviewed by Larry Morgan on October 29, 2022
    Foote Tours is top of their class! My wife and I recently completed a beautiful tour of the Istria coast and wine country. The routes were fabulous. The accommodations, we chose four star, really nice. And the luggage was often in our room when we reached the next hotel. What a treat! I totally recommend using this company.
    Reviewed by Rebecca Mangan on October 24th, 2022
    We loved our time in Croatia, and the logistics provided by Fiore went very smoothly and the hotels were all good. The only 2 comments that I would make is that 1. the grade of the holiday on your website as ‘2 star easy to moderate’ is inaccurate. None of the cycling days were easy (even with taking the option of a transfer to reduce the distance) and 3 days of the tour were hard. 2 The bikes were unusually heavy with gears inadequate for the terrain we cycled on. The weight of the bikes must have been around 20kg which is heavy for a hybrid or mountain bike.
    Reviewed by Fergus OP’Callaghan on October 03rd, 2022
    <divThis is just a quick note to say thank you for arranging the excellent holiday. It all went very well, even the rain cooperated and fell mostly at night! The hotels we stayed at were all very nice hotels, apart perhaps from Rovinj. Also a word of thanks to Peter for all his work – he did a great job and was always helpful. And the bikes were of very high quality.Very minor comments: part of the route from Rovinj to Pula was on very bumpy gravel, some of our group didn't enjoy it. It would probably be better suited to mountain bikes. Also the hotel in Rovinj was a little "different" – we were split up into different buildings, and we had something like an apartment with fairly basic facilities (e.g. no bedside light, leaking shower). But having said that, the building was very historic, and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly.I'll be recommending Fiore to friends in Ireland
    Reviewed by Vicky Compton on November 06th, 2022
    My husband and I did a 7 day self-guided bike tour from Trieste to Pula. We were super impressed with the organization by Fiore- the app to follow the route, the paper guides with maps and instructions, the efficient transfer of our luggage, and the accommodation. A special mention of Pietro/Peter who was our contact on the first day and went out of his way to help us out a couple of times
    Reviewed by Jeffrey Randall on July 12th, 2023
    <div We could not have been more pleased with our tour. Your company went above and beyond in its efforts to accommodate us before, during and after the tour. At the outset, I was in constant contact with the company and while some things got lost in translation, they were sorted straight away. When, at the last minute, I decided that my folding bike would not suit me for the hills, and asked for an e-bike, your team was on the spot with the fix. That bike made the trip what it was supposed to be, an enjoyable experience. Your team also agreed to store our bike boxes for the duration when our plans changed and we were no longer returning to Trieste after the trip for a longer visit, solving yet another problem. The 3 star accommodations we used were all top notch despite being as different from each other as possible. Buje especially, gave us a look into the rural hoteliers and it was a highlight. Personally, the Casino Hotel in Rovinj was my least favorite but only because we are not city folks. The app worked very well and the audio reminder that we were off track, while annoying, was really a good thing. I show the app to all my friends as I advertise the great experience we had. We were driven from Trieste to Muggia to start the expedition. I realize this was done to bypass a section that many "non-riders" who were probably traffic phobic found very stressful and scary. If that section is too difficult to include, may I suggest you consider replacing it with a ferry ride from Trieste to Muggia and meet the riders in Muggia with bikes. That way you can advertise a ferry experience with the ride and still bypass the traffic.It may not be manageable for some large groups but only a possible suggestion. One day while down at the waterfront in Trieste I did encounter travelers with a different tour company using the ferry, hence the suggestion. So to recap, great customer service, great accommodations, and while you had nothing to do with this, great weather. (It turns out that for the duration of our time in Europe it rained back home in the United States while we got limitless sunshine) I felt we got value for our vacation budget and while I may not be able to come to Croatia any time soon, if I do I will look into other tours you may have.
    Reviewed by Claudia Giat on July 06th, 2023
    Towards the end of our trip you asked me for any feedback and we exchanged a few short emails but I would now like to provide a complete post-trip feedback from the group. 1. Planning and booking This was straightforward from my very first enquiry email and made so much easier by having you (Sasa) as my ‘one main contact’ so that, from initial questions to ongoing planning, I felt confident that you would respond directly and the issue would be dealt with efficiently. This was indeed the case prior to as well as during our trip and, as group coordinator, I greatly appreciated that personal but professional contact relationship. Payment using the credit card link was complicated, mainly due to the fact that it was not immediately clear that we could change it to English. An explanation for non-Croatian speakers or an English language link would have been helpful. In some cases, our Israeli credit card providers also queried/stopped ‘unusual’ transactions via a Croatian link but payment was eventually completed and the bank transfer option much appreciated. 2. Arrival transfer The delayed arrival of the bus driver was unfortunate and the mandatory 45min break has been explained but, having left Israel at 04.30 with a long stopover in Istanbul before our next flight, we were understandably exhausted and keen to reach Trieste as fast as possible. This was not an ideal start to our trip. The bus driver:was not waiting in the correct place with a sign as we exited the arrival hall – considerable time was spent looking for him and contacting Fiore Tours before he was found. could not communicate in basic English to explain the situation on our arrival or during the over-long drive to Trieste. was not familiar with our hotel’s location and repeatedly circled the center of town – we had to ask directions and guide him. 3. Routes and navigation App. The routes were good although overall there was too much road cycling with a high volume of heavy traffic and little or no cycling lanes or hard shoulder. The first day could have/should have been shorter. It was written clearly in red in the pre-trip information booklet (see below) so we had no reason to doubt that this was happening. DAY 2 BIKING TRIESTE OVER PIRAN TO BUJE At 09 am we have a welcome briefing and those who have ordered bike rental will get fitted with our bikes and other equipment. We will transfer you after info meeting point together with bikes outside of Trieste (Skofije or Muggia) to avoid traffic in Trieste. You have told me that the transfer option to Muggia was not formally ‘agreed’ at the planning stage but this matter was not even discussed at any point in our emails, prior to or after the pre-trip information was received. As a result, we had to navigate traffic leaving Trieste and had an unnecessarily long first day of cycling – especially difficult as the next day’s route was also over 50km. I take responsibility for not raising this issue at the planning stage but suggest in the future any ‘route options’ are presented/agreed in a more effective way and the written information provided (which we relied on) is 100% correct. Other routes were excellent and the off-line navigation app worked perfectly. As you had assured me, no need for a GPS. 4. Transfer to Rovinj Many thanks for making this unplanned transfer possible for all of us at no extra charge. Transport for the group +10 bicycles arrived at the door of the hotel in Poreč exactly on time and we transferred effortlessly to Rovinj where our hotel rooms were ready and we could enjoy a restful day in the beautiful old town. 5. Hotels Each one was excellent – the rooms, the facilities and the locations. We especially appreciated our generous packed lunches at the Oasi Hotel in Pula and thank you for organizing the early morning taxi transfer to the ferry. 6. Operational team support No words can express how impressed we were by the operational team and by Petar in particular. The support we received during this trip was outstanding and contact via WhatsApp made keeping in touch easy even from our Israeli phones. Questions were answered, problems solved, bikes changed and luggage efficiently moved – nothing was too difficult for Petar. He was easily contactable, helpful and resourceful. It made a huge difference to me that this support was provided in such a positive and pleasant way as this has not been our experience during similar cycling trips around the world.In summary, we were highly satisfied by your service and will definitely be recommending Fiore Tours to anyone planning to visit Croatia.Many thanks again and kind regards
    Reviewed by Joan Regan on November 14, 2023
    Well organised tour with bikes and accommodation of a good standard . The app which gave the route was great when it worked , but there are some issues with it that need attention.
    Reviewed by Anna Wong on November 10, 2023
    Thank you for the tour. we enjoyed the routes plan, the lodging and transfer services and response to our requests were all excellent. The e bikes had comfortable seats and handles but the motor was quite weak and difficult with hilly areas, we have the same level of power on our e-bikes at home and they are much better. The roads were busier than we expected and not as easy to navigate but that you have no control over. The navigation upgrade was not worth it as we found it very difficult to follow. Much easier to use our phones. Thanks for making the trip memorable
    Reviewed by Marilyn Bussolaro on November 13, 2023
    We had a great Istrian Bike Tour in October this year.All the staff we had contact with were excellent. Peter-Paul and Eddie were lovely. Snjezana was very prompt with answering all my questions. The tour notes were great as were the choice of hotels
    Reviewed by Randy Hertzman on October 11, 2023
    5 stars — our trip was wonderful. Lodging was good (especially the first two nights outside of Buje — wonderful host!). You do good work!The only place for improvement was on the ride from Rovinj to Pula. Your app directed us along the coastal path, although we had rented road bikes. We decided within 5K that the gravel path was no place for road bikes, so we used Google Maps to get ourselves to Pula on highways. Those roads were really busy with rapid traffic. It would have been better if your app or maps had directed us farther inland to avoid the busy roads.Still, that was a minor inconvenience. Overall, we’re very happy with the tour. We’ve recommended Fiore to several friends already.
    Reviewed by Barbara Miller on November 10, 2023
    We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would recommend to others. The app worked well, lodging met or exceeded our expectations, and the routes took us through and to interesting places. The one suggestion I would make is to allow a little more time for orientation. Our introduction to the bikes, app, and directions to the ferry was about 10 minutes.



    Fiore Tours
    Fiore Tours spot10

    Osnovni smještaj su najčešće planinske kuće ili privatne kuće u ruralnim krajevima sa višekrevetnim spavaonama i zajedničkom kupaonicom / tušem / wc-om.

    Fiore Tours spot9

    Budžetni smještaj su najčešće obiteljski vođeni pansioni kategorizirani pod 2*. Sobe imaju privatnu kupaonicu te je u sklopu smještaja uključen i doručak. Sobe su čiste i uredne a domaćini ljubazni.

    Fiore Tours spot8

    Standardni smještaj su najčešće mali obiteljski hoteli od 3* ili sobe s doručkom, često u ruralnim područjima sa posebnom obiteljskom atmosferom. Sobe su sa odvojenom kupaonicom i ugodnim namještajem. Smještaj najčešće uz doručak nudi i večere sa svježim i tradicionalnim namirnicama.

    Fiore Tours spot7

    Premijum smještaj su obiteljski hoteli od 4* koji nude različite vrste soba u sklopu objekta. Svi hoteli sadrže restoran sa tradicionalnom ponudom. Neki od malih obiteljskih hotela imaju i bazen (unutrašnji ili vanjski) te uslugu wellnesa.

    Fiore Tours spot6

    Luksuzni smještaj su hoteli od 4* I 5* sa vrhunskom uslugom. Hoteli su najčešće na najboljim lokacijama u centru grada te nude raznolike vrste soba, uslugu wellnessa, bazen te restorane sa vrhunskom tradicionalnom i internacionalnom kuhinjom.